ActionPotential is proud to sponsor Homestead Robotics!

ActionPotential is sponsoring and participating in a robotics course at the nonprofit ANEW Community Institute to foster creativity, experimentation, and critical thinking among Homestead, Pennsylvania youth.

Across the river from Homestead, there has been no shortage of robotics-centered classrooms and job opportunities through Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, and private corporations.  The Homestead Robotics! courses seek to empower local students while building their knowledge of key robotics concepts, methods in science and research, and teamwork. Students will be encouraged to work together to come up with unique or innovative solutions to issues that they would like to address in their communities and beyond.

This exciting program is designed to serve a dual purpose for its students. First, to foster a love of learning through exploration, experimentation, and student-driven solutions. And second, to develop a sustainable community service with the aim of binging Homestead youth into the competitive robotics world. The aim is to form at least one Homestead Robotics! team this summer to compete in the FIRST LEGO League.

Learn more about Homestead Robotics! at the ANEW Community Institute website.